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Catholic Church vandalized in France

Sacred Heart Church in Bordeaux, France (Photo credit:

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bordeaux, France, was vandalized on the night of March 12 and 13.

Constance Pluviaud, head of the communication of the Bordeaux Archdiocese, published a statement on March 13 and condemned the attack.

“During the night of March 12-13, the door and some of the walls of the facade of the Church of the Sacred Heart were painted with phrases. Firefighters who arrived on the scene extinguished a fire in front of the church. The incident did not damage the church,” the statement read.

The church suffered damage with graffiti paintings of satanic phrases and communists and anarchists on the church walls of the façade and the church entrance door.

The vandals painted the slogans like “Devil, take me with you,” or “Burn everything for free.”

The paintings at the wall of Sacred Heart Church in Bordeaux France (Photo credit:

The culprits lit a fire on the garbage at the foot of the steps of the forecourt, but the firefighters extinguished it quickly at the beginning of the fire before it reached the church building.

The prefecture of New Aquitaine announced that the parish had filed a complaint against the vandals, and an inquiry was opened.

Governor Étienne Guyot of New Aquitaine condemned the vandalism, calling it intolerable and for proper investigation.

Architect Jean-Jules Mondet built the Sacred Heart Church in downtown Bordeaux in the 19th century. - With inputs from Shalomworld


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