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Archbishop urges Timorese to participate in the upcoming Census 2022

Archbishop Dom Virgilio Do Carmo da Silva of Dili (second from left) with government officials of East Timor on August 5, 2022. (Photo supplied)

The Cardinal-elect, Dom Virgilio Do Carmo da Silva, Archbishop of Dili, has urged East Timorese to participate in the upcoming Census 2022.

On August 5, the team led by Director General of Statistics Elias dos Santos Ferreira, Chairman of the Technical Commission Census 2022, met with Archbishop Carmo da Silva for Census and Planning.

In a video message, the prelate encourages Timorese citizens to participate in the National Census 2022 activity.

He stated that national data on people and households would assist the government in developing policies and programs.

The Census 2022, which will take place across the country between September 4 and October 5, will be Timor-fourth Leste's fourth exercise, following those in 2004, 2010, and 2015. It occurs every five years.

The primary goals of the General Census of Population and Housing are to count and characterize Timor-Leste's population, as well as to survey existing dwellings and their habitability conditions through the collection of elements and data through survey operations and statistical analysis.

The President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the Chairman of the National Census 2022 Commission, the Finance Minister, and the Vice Chairman of the National Commission are also seen in the video messages.

On August 15, the Census of Population 2022 will be officially launched.

East Timor's government has set aside $3.1 million for census-related activities. So far, the government has approached international organizations such as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, UN Women, the World Food Programme, and the United Nations Population Fund for additional funding.

"We all need to support the census," said Acacio Pinto, a social scientist and Catholic lay leader.

According to the Timor-Leste Census, which was conducted in July 2015, the total population was 1,167,242, a 9.46% increase from 2010.

According to Worldometer's analysis of the most recent United Nations data, Timor-Leste's population was 1,370,838 as of August 5, 2022.

On May 20, the country celebrated the 20th anniversary of its independence from Indonesia, which had occupied it for 24 years. East Timor was previously a Portuguese colony.

East Timor is Asia's youngest democracy, occupying the eastern half of Timor Island, which is part of Indonesia. It is slightly smaller than Israel in size, with a land area of 15,000 square kilometers (5,792 square miles), and its 1.3 million inhabitants account for 97 percent of the population. 

East Timor has become only the second predominantly Catholic country in Asia (after the Philippines) since its independence from Indonesia, owing to its history as a former Portuguese colony.


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