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Bangladesh Catholic Church marks 58th World Communication Day

Participants gathered for the 58th World Communication Day of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh, which took place on Sunday, May 12. (Photo: Tushar Biswas)

On Sunday, May 12, the Catholic Church in Bangladesh celebrated the 58th World Communication Day at the Christo Jyoti (light of Christ) Pastoral Center in the Diocese of Rajshahi.

The Diocesan Commission for Social Communications organized the program with the theme "Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Toward a Fully Human Communication."

Father Sunil Daniel Rozario, director of Online Radio Jyoti (light), Father Bablu Corraya, convener of the Social Communications Commission, and Father Nikhil Gomes, coordinator of Radio Veritas Asia's Bengali service, were present at the event. 

Around 80 participants from all over the diocese attended the program.

In his sermon, Father Sunil Daniel Rozario, director of Online Radio Jyoti, emphasized the importance of utilizing modern media to spread the good news while advocating for a human-centric approach amidst the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

"Every year we celebrate World Communication Day, aiming to utilize modern media to preach the Good News to the creation of the world"

Fr. Nikhil Gomes

Father Rozario conveyed the message of Pope Francis, stressing the significance of perfect human communication, which integrates both artificial intelligence and the wisdom of the heart. He warned against relying solely on machine knowledge, asserting that machine learning alone cannot achieve true learning.

"Artificial intelligence" refers to machine knowledge. Father Rozario, echoing the pontiff's sentiments, stated that machine learning can never be true learning.

Father Gomes echoed Father Rozario's sentiments, emphasizing the role of modern media in disseminating the Good News to the world.

"Every year we celebrate World Communication Day, aiming to utilize modern media to preach the Good News to the creation of the world," Father Gomes remarked, underscoring the primary objective of the annual celebration.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from individuals like Ainalius Hasda and Shreya Mondal, who expressed gratitude for the enlightening experience. 

Hasda commended the program for its educational value, stating, "This program is very useful for me because I know and we discuss the Pope message of World Communication Day among us and I learned many things from this event." 

Mondal, one of the young participants, highlighted the practical benefits of the seminar, noting, "I learned all the skills and qualities needed to become a writer by coming to this program. "I believe such seminars will help us develop our talent in the future."

At the end of the program, Father Bablu Corraya, the secretary of the Social Communication Commission of Rajshahi Diocese, expressed gratitude to all participants and organizers. He emphasized the importance of sharing acquired knowledge and skills to foster a digital community and promote human fraternity.

The 58th World Communication Day celebration served as a reminder of the transformative power of media when used with a human-centric approach and guided by the principles of compassion, understanding, and the pursuit of truth. Nikhil Gomes


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