Catholic diocese in Bangladesh, Caritas provide support for displaced families

Bishop James Romen Boiragi of Khulna, who is also president of Caritas Bangladesh, blesses the new houses that were built for families displaced by the erosion of Pashur River in the region. (Photo courtesy of Daud Jibon Das)

A Catholic diocese in Bangladesh has provided support to at least 80 homeless people affected by the erosion of a river in the area last month.

Bishop James Romen Boiragi of Khulna, who is also president of Caritas Bangladesh, said the new houses were distributed to families who were displaced by the erosion of Pashur River. 

Caritas, the social action arm of the Catholic Church, also provided support to areas in Khulna region that were most affected by the disaster.

"Our diocese and Caritas have given support to internal migrants who live in difficult situations due to atmospheric changes,” said Bishop Boiragi.

The housing project is part of the disaster risk reduction project funded by Caritas Germany. 

The Diocese of Khulna donated the land at Banisanta Union, Dacope Khulna, while Caritas gave training through its “Build Back Better” program and provided cash support.

The people themselves helped build their own houses.

The displaced families used to live close to the river and Sundarbans forest until cyclone Bulbul and Amphan devastated their communities.

Daud Jibon Das, regional director of Caritas in Khulna, said Caritas programs “provided the knowledge … and [people] built their small houses” on the land donated by the Church.

“Poor people proved that if they get support in a proper way they can change their lives …. As development workers, we must recognize the inner power of the vulnerable poor people,” said Das. - Nikhil Gomez / RVA News.