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Christian receives award for defending rights of Christians in Pakistan

Shakeel Jahangir, a Christian leader received “Prof. Salamat Akhtar Outstanding Performance Award 2022” for defending the rights of the Christian community in Pakistan on March 26, 2022.

A Christian leader received an award for defending the rights of the Christian community in Pakistan.

Shakeel Jahangir, chairman of Rising Christians Union (RCU), a civil society group, bagged the “Prof. Salamat Akhtar Outstanding Performance Award 2022” at a function held in Ramada Hotel Lahore, Pakistan on March 26, 2022.

The award was presented by Nawaz Salamat from Denmark, chief organizer of All Pakistan Christian League, an NGO.

Salamat appreciated the outstanding performance of Jahangir, chairman of RCU, and his team.

“We have come to appreciate the efforts and struggle of Jahangir. His fight is being highlighted in European chapters recognizing his pain for the Christian community in Pakistan,” Salamat said in his speech.

Salamat also lauded the role of RCU, to produce Christian civil and military bureaucrats like Maria Shamoun as Assistant Commissioner.

He endorsed and supported the vision of Jahangir for the Christian community in Pakistan and abroad.

In his acceptance speech, Jahangir said, “I am thankful for your recognition of my struggle for Pakistani Christians.”

The real issue for Christians in Pakistan is education. All have to ensure the practical role of political governance to build the pillars of the nation and play a vital role in the development of Pakistan. It is time to portray a better image of Christians despite the many discrimination and barriers Christians face, Jahangir added.

The award is named after Prof. Salamat Akhtar who is the founding member of the Pakistani Christian political chapter and political activist.

This award is given to Jahangir for his priceless struggles for the Christian community in Pakistan. He continues to raise his voice for the voiceless people. He is doing great work with dignity, dedication, passion, and devotion, said a press note from the All Pakistan Christian League.

RCU, under the leadership of Jahangir, continues to produce Christian civil bureaucrats and military officers to serve in Pakistan's armed forces.

RCU is working on religious peace and harmony to ensure the healthy role of the Christian community in civil bureaucracy and the military by preparing students for CSS/PMS/PCS/ISSB to uplift deprived chapters. It also creates awareness of civil services trends, said Maria Shamoun Assistant Commissioner, an executive member of RCU.

e newly appointed and the first Christian female Assistant Commissioner of Balochistan province in Pakistan.

Educating, training, empowering, and producing Christian bureaucrats in the Muslim Majority country is one of the contributions of RCU, said Shamoun.

Jahangir is the founder and chairman of RCU, which was established in 2013.


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