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Church in India prepares for Jubilee 2025 with release of 35 Council books

Indian cardinal, bishops, priests release jubilee books

The Church in India joins the Universal Church in preparing for the Ordinary Jubilee 2025, with the theme 'Pilgrims of Hope.'

“Our Holy Mother Church is now heading towards the First Session of the Final Phase (Universal Phase) of the Synod for a Synodal Church in 2021-2024. We now have another celebration around the corner, Jubilee 2025, an ordinary Jubilee marking 2025 years of Jesus’ birth," said Archbishop Filipe Neri Cardinal Ferro of Goa-Daman, President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI), as he released the 35 Council Notebooks devoted to Jubilee 2025 preparations and unveiled the CCBI roadmap for Jubilee 2025 preparations and celebrations.

Let us integrate the Jubilee 2025 celebrations with our synodal journey,” the prelate said.

Pope Francis writes to Archbishop Rino Fisichella, Pro-Prefect Dicastery for Evangelization, Section for Fundamental Questions regarding Evangelization in the World, announcing the Jubilee celebrations, emphasizing the importance of hope in Christian life amidst pandemic and war uncertainties.

“We must fan the flame of hope... The forthcoming Jubilee can contribute greatly to restoring a climate of hope and trust. That is why I have chosen as the motto of the Jubilee, ‘Pilgrims of Hope.’”

“The purpose of the Jubilee 2025 is threefold: to celebrate Jesus, to celebrate the Church, and to celebrate our faith,” the President of the CCBI said.  

There are two years of preparation for the Jubilee in 2025: (i) 2023 as the Year of the Council (Year of Learning); (ii) 2024 as the Year of Prayer.

The Pope wishes that the four Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council (11 October 1962–8 December 1965) be studied to obtain direction and guidance for God’s people.

The Dicastery for Evangelization has published 35 booklets on the Word of God, liturgy, the Church as the people of God, and the Church in the modern world to accompany the Second Vatican Council and the Four Constitutions.

The CCBI partakes in the preparations and celebrations of the Jubilee 2025, integrating them into the synodal journey and the strategic planning that aims at discerning the plan of God for the Church in India.

The local churches in India will inaugurate the preparations for the jubilee on November 26, 2023, at the solemnity of Christ the King, unveiling the jubilee logo and initiating people to revisit the treasures of the Second Vatican Council and revamp prayer.

The National Facilitating Team envisions visiting all 132 Latin dioceses in India, enkindling in every faithful a ray of hope.

“At the Jubilee 2025, our Holy Mother Church invites us to be ‘Pilgrims of Hope.’ As we prepare ourselves to enter the Holy Doors in Rome, let us also enter the doors of places such as hospitals, orphanages, homes for the destitute, prisons, refugee camps, et al, where hope is dim,” Cardinal Ferrão said.

Father Yesu Karunanidhi works with the Communio, Commission for Proclamation, and Commission for Theology and Doctrine to plan the Ordinary Jubilee 2025. -Stephen Alathara


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