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Church in India is set to usher in digital revolution

Indian bishops launched the Catholic Connect Mobile App on January 30. (Photo supplied)

The Catholic Connect Mobile App was launched by Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrão, President, CCBI; Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay; Cardinal Anthony Poola, Archbishop of Hyderabad; Archbishop George Anthonysamy, Vice President, CCBI; Archbishop Anil Couto, Secretary General, CCBI; Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore; Father Stephen Alathara, Deputy Secretary General, CCBI; and Mr. Michael D’Souza, NRI Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

The launch took place during the plenary assembly at St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences in Bangalore on January 30, 2024.

With a particular emphasis on India, this app which is owned by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI) will spearhead a digital revolution within the global Catholic community.

This multifaceted app serves as a comprehensive platform, offering access to spiritual resources, relevant news, and a range of Catholic life services, including health insurance, education, jobs, and emergency assistance.

Additionally, users can conveniently locate nearby churches and access various services provided by the church in India. This innovative approach promises to usher in a new era of transformation, fostering efficient communication, resource allocation, and community management.

The app will provide information about various Catholic institutions, entities, and associations as stakeholders.
The Catholic Connect App will broadcast timely news and information from the 14 different ecclesiastical regions. This underscores its commitment to keeping users informed about local developments. This feature enhances a sense of community and connection among users, regardless of their geographical location.

It also helps the Catholics to connect with their respective parishes and dioceses, as the app provides a page for “My Parish” and “My Diocese” with sections for information, events, notice boards, announcements, and obituaries. Users of the app can select their parishes and dioceses during registration.

The app provides a dedicated space for CCBI Commissions, showcasing their activities, training sessions, and programs. This interactive platform allows commission secretaries to directly feature their initiatives, thereby maximizing the reach and impact of CCBI's various programs.

The Catholic Connect App stands as a transformative tool that seamlessly integrates technology with faith, promising to bring about positive changes within the Catholic community. By addressing various needs and fostering collaboration, this app has the potential to strengthen the sense of community, facilitate communication, and enhance the overall experience for users both in India and worldwide.

In May 2022, the 88th Executive Committee of the CCBI decided to develop a database app for connecting the Catholic community in India.

The trial version of the Catholic Connect App was launched at the 92nd Executive Committee meeting of CCBI, held at St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences in Bangalore, on September 21, 2023.

Dr. Cyril Victor, Coordinator of the CCBI Media Apostolate, ably conducted the event.


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