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FABC President lauds SIGNIS’ concern for peace in digital world

A group of SIGNIS members speak at the International Youth Forum during the SIGNIS World Congress 2022 in Seoul, South Korea on August 17, 2022. (Photo by SIGNIS)

The head of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conference (FABC) praised SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) for its concern for peace in the digital world.

FABC President, Cardinal Charles Bo, praised the SIGNIS for raising "awareness of the role of the media in propping up conflict or promoting peace."

He added that the media had been playing a robust role in conflicts and peacemaking in the digital village of the interconnected world.

The sixth SIGNIS World Congress 2022 is currently underway from August 16 to 19 at the Jesuit-run Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea, with the theme "Peace in the Digital World."

SIGNIS is a global body of the Catholic lay movement for professionals in the communication media.

Citing Pope Francis’ words, Bo said, "Every challenge is an opportunity." The cardinal praised SIGNIS for taking the "challenge as an opportunity to initiate a worldwide discussion on the process of peace in a digital world. Every bite and bit counts."

Cardinal Bo added that SIGNIS’ initial step of deliberations will empower the Church as a global peacemaker.

The FABC President reminded participants, media professionals, and others that one’s choice is important because digital media has, like fire, "a power for good and a power for disaster."

"Modern war starts in most cases with the bites and bits of social media by providing anonymity to purveyors of hatred. Religious conflicts are configured and inflamed with the touch of digital screens," he added.

He pointed out that the Ukraine war and Middle East wars led to "millions perished and millions displaced."

As a follower of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, Cardinal Bo encouraged, "We shall never bend our knees to the arrogance of violence or the threat of evil."

He invited all Christians to be the light of hope in the digital world to drive out the suffocating darkness, as the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains of hatred. 


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