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Indian Theological Seminary organizes seminar to raise religious peoples' social media savvy

The Sacred Heart Seminary held the Poovai Social Service Guild (PSSG) event at Don Guanella Major Seminary in Karayanchavadi, South India, on September 11 to raise religious people's awareness on social media.

Seminar attendees included about a hundred women and men of various religious orders to discuss "Different Addictions: The Impact of Social Media and Our Response."

The conference covered topics such as internet addiction, drug addiction to mobile phones, and addiction to social media. Moreover, parents and children become victims of this addiction.

Sheela, a social activist and the speaker of the seminar said, “The entire woman must be empowered, and they need to be aware of social justice. Religious sisters need to learn different skills for their successful ministry.”

She added, “Brothers and priests need to know more about mobile addiction and drug addiction, and once we are addicted, it is very difficult to come out of the addiction.”

Father Mifflin, Sacred Heart Seminary Professor and responsible for the Poovai Social Service Guild (PSSG), hoped for the participants to make a tremendous change for children and youth.

"Since we have given the seminar to brothers when they go for a weekend ministry, they can guide the catechism children and youth in different parishes," he told RVA.

He also stated, “I hope that it will be a small spark that we have lit; surely it will be a flame in the future.”

Sister Vinitha, Assistant Novice Mistress of the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Bon Succours, said, “It would be very useful for us if we came to know about the different addictions, and it would be useful for our novices too.”

According to Brother Pandiya, a member of the congregation of servants of charity and a theological student, "It will help me guide young people in his parish who are addicted to drugs. This seminar is also beneficial to seminarians."

After the PSSG meeting, the members decided to create a team to assist people who are suffering from addictions and help them recover. - Fr. Johnson SdC, RVA Tamil Service


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