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Philippines: Diocese of Imus holds 'Pondo ng Pinoy' 20th anniversary Mass

Pndo ng Pinoy - 20th anniversary mass

The Diocese of Imus, Philippines, hosted a mass to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the "Pondo ng Pinoy" (funds of Filipinos) at Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Our Lady of Pillar - Imus Cathedral on June 25.

Bishop Reynaldo G. Evangelista, the Vice Chairperson of Pondo ng Pinoy, presided over the mass. He was joined by Fr. Benjamin A. Francisco, the St. Martha Parish Priest, and Pondo ng Pinoy Programs Chairperson, along with ten other priests from various parishes within the Diocese, who concelebrated the mass.

The event was marked by significant participation from the Pondo ng Pinoy National Management Office, including Mr. Bebot Sabangan (Promotion Officer), Ms. Elmira Joyce De Castro (Finance Officer), and Ms. Jicel Larona (Accounting Clerk).

Nearly filling the Imus Cathedral, the attendees reflected the strong support and dedication of the community to Pondo ng Pinoy's mission.

Adding a lively touch to the celebration, the youth of St. Martha Parish performed the Pondo ng Pinoy "Isang Kusing Dance," a symbolic representation of the organization’s mission and values. The performance highlighted the involvement and enthusiasm of the younger generation in the organization's initiatives.

Ms. Fe Guarda, Pondo ng Pinoy Coordinator, distributed hundreds of bottles to attendees, symbolizing the start of a new journey for givers in the diocese.

These bottles represent the small but meaningful contributions that collectively make a significant impact, echoing the organization's philosophy.

The mass celebration was a testament to two decades of Pondo ng Pinoy's impactful journey. Parishioners and clergy alike demonstrated their unwavering support for the organization, showcasing a strong community spirit and commitment to the principles of charity and solidarity.

As Pondo ng Pinoy continues to grow, this anniversary serves as a milestone of reflection and renewed dedication to its mission of fostering a culture of giving and helping those in need.


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