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A thousand youth receive the sacrament of confirmation within a week in Myanmar Diocese

Cardinal Charles Bo gives sacrament of confirmation at Queen of Heaven Church, Tanghpre Parish on February 17, 2023

Over a thousand young men and women received the Sacrament of Confirmation within one week in Myitkyina Diocese of  Myanmar, in the last week of February .

Cardinal Charles Bo administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 1173 Catholics.

Cardinal Bo said, “To be slapped is to be suppressed. Children who receive confirmation will also be slapped. Now you are also to be slapped like this for Jesus and to face the taunts and torture of others.”

Confirmation strengthens one's baptismal commitment. At Confirmation, the baptized Catholic receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and is strengthened to serve the Church.

We receive the message of faith deeply, emphasizing Jesus Christ. Confirmation strengthens our mission to witness Christ.

Vicar General Monsignor Peter Hka Awng Tu said it is important for those who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation to be a good, real example and model for Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit completes the grace of baptism in Confirmation to witness Jesus Christ. Thus, the newly confirmed is “more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed” (cf. CCC, 1285).

209 people received the Chrism Confirmation on February 17 at the Queen of Heaven Church in Tanghpre Parish,

207 people on February 18 at the St. Dominic Church Namti Myo Oo quarters in Namti Parish,

215 people On February 19 at St. Francis Xavier Church in Nan Si Aung Village, Moe Nying Parish,

112 people on February 20 at St. Joseph Church Nammawn Village, Moe Nying Parish,

185 people on February 21 at St. Michael Church, Myotit Gyi Parish and

245 people on February 23 at The Heart of Jesus Church, PaLaNa Parish.

Confirmation at the Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus Church, PaLaNa Parish, February 23 2023

According to, Myanmar's population is 54.38 million as of January 2023. In Myanmar, Catholics are the minority.

According to the Myitkyina Diocese website, the Civil population of Myitkyina Diocese is about 2,500,000, and the Catholic population is about 91,055.

Myitkyina Diocese comprises 32 parishes and 56 priests serving in the diocese. - By Zau Jat Aung


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