Young Catholic wins China’s paralympic games

Ye Mengmeng and his team (Photo supplied)

A young Catholic from SiGao Correctional Institution in Hebei’s Handan Diocese and his teammates won this year’s curling event in China’s 11th Paralympic Games on April 28.

It was the second victory for Ye Mengmeng who also came out the winner in 2019.

Ye Mengmeng was born on June 1, 2000, with a hearing disability. He was adopted by the SiGao Correctional Institution where he spent his childhood. He later went to the Handicapped College to continued his studies. 

In 2018, Mengmeng represented the curling team for the specially-abled in Hebei Province.

In an interview, Mengmeng expressed his gratitude to the nuns who took care of him when he was a child. He said it is because of them that he was able to succeed.

He said the training is hard but he is not complaining because he always pray to God to give him wisdom and strength. He said that his faith in Jesus is always in his heart and it sustains him.

Sister Guo Yasong, who worked in SiGao Correctional Institution for 16 years and accompanied Mengmeng, was happy over Mengmeng’s success.

The SiGao Correctional Institution was established in 1994 by Augustinian Sister Wu Yongbo to help differently abled children. - RVA News