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Being a leader is not being a ruler but giving of yourself, says Indonesian bishop 

Bishop Yustinus Harjosusanto, MSF of Diocese of Samarinda, Indonesia

The Archbishop of Samarinda, Bishop Yustinus Harjosusanto, MSF, talked about how being a leader of the church entails a selfless and sacrificial stance towards the people on November 3 in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

"Being a leader is not being a ruler but giving oneself, giving oneself up, offering oneself, which is always accompanied by sacrifice and sometimes also suffering," said Archbishop Harjosusanto in his brief homily before the ordination of the Bishop of Banjarmasin, Mgr. Victorius Dwiardy, OFMCap, at the Cathedral Church of Holy Family.

Bishop Harjosusanto reminded those present that a shepherd must be an example and shepherd the flock with joy in his heart.

"Pastoring is not forced, but with joy in the heart and manifested in daily life," the prelate said.

Bishop Harjosusanto, who is also Chairman of the Indonesian Bishop’s Conference (KWI) Monetary Board, ended his homily by referring to the new bishop's motto, "Ardere et Lucere"—blazing and shining.

"The elected bishop has a motto that is blazing, full of enthusiasm, never subsides, and as a light that illuminates, it becomes a torch, a torch that never goes out to defeat the darkness of sin." This motto will be a guide and strength for the elected bishop.

As many as 34 bishops were present for the Venerable evening service, where Bishop Harjosusanto blessed the ring, staff, cathedral, and cassock that the new bishop will wear, along with two accompanying priests, Father Ignasius Tari, MSF, and Father Faustus Irwan Darmawan Bagara, OFMCap. 

The new bishop also pledged his loyalty to the Vatican Holy See in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Pierro Pioppo. This promise is the new bishop's commitment to be faithful to the teachings and authority of the Catholic Church. - Mirifica


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