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Cardinal Goh calls for improving communication to preserve peace in Asia

Cardinal William Goh, Archbishop of Singapore

Cardinal William Goh of Singapore stressed how important it was to improve communication to preserve peace in Asia.

He said that this requires working together with a wide range of groups, such as governments, other religious leaders, and non-governmental organizations.

In view of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences; (FABC's) triple dialogue, the Asian church is obligated to "promote intercultural and interreligious dialogue" and "ought to comprehend each other's cultures and the circumstances from which we originate," said Cardinal Goh. 

He was speaking at the 27th annual Bishops' Meet on Social Communication Forum, which was held under the theme "Communication and the Synodal Church" from November 7–9 in the compound of Radio Veritas Asia in Manila, Philippines, in a hybrid mode of online and in-person participation.

Being a minority religion in Asia, the cardinal urged the church personnel to see the government as a mission partner instead of an alien.

"We do speak out, but we cannot impose our beliefs on everyone. It is essential for religious leaders to collaborate, including with the government," he said.

The cardinal said that when we want to dialogue with others to keep peace with them, we should always treat them as the image of God that God has made.

"Consider encounters as meetings with individuals fashioned in the image and likeness of God. We must focus on the individual, utilize digital technologies, and connect individuals on an interpersonal basis," he stated.

The Singaporean archbishop said that different interaction models should be used for the tech-savvy young people and the older people who aren't as tech-savvy.

The cardinal also urged the church communicators to be ready to evangelize in the digital age, even though not everyone in Asia has the same access to communication. Digital inequality must be also addressed.

"Priests and other clerics must be trained in the use of media; otherwise, they will say the wrong things, which can have a significant impact on how the gospel is understood," he said, adding, "Be more informed about this digital media, giving them the correct information on how to use it properly in today's society within the culture of individualism."

"It is essential to discuss education and the establishment of infrastructure; if we do not, we will lose our chance because everything is connected to communication. It is vital to educate priests and seminarians in the digital age," he concluded. - Kasmir Nema


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