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Caritas India markes 60 years of service to the poor and downtrodden

Caritas India (Photo supplied)

Caritas India marked 60 years of service to the poor and downtrodden in India and celebrated at Hyderabad, India, on December 13.

Assistant Executive Director Father Jolly Puthenpura of Caritas India said in his inaugural speech that Caritas India had been rendering its services to the poor and downtrodden for the last 60 years in India and for the Archdiocese of Hyderabad.

Father Jolly continued, "Social work is not about money, but it’s all about heart. Caritas India motivates people, and works with people connecting them emotionally and spiritually,”

Hyderabad Archdiocesan Social Service Society (HASSS) organized the State-Level celebration of Caritas India.

The celebration was a continuation of the capacity building program on various aspects of Natural Farming techniques.

About 80 farmers, 10 Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) members [PRI is a system of village self-government in rural India], and 1 Women Federation, along with the Directors, Program Implementors, Community Educators and Lead farmers involved in Ujjwala-3 Project (U3) program participated in this great event.

Father Jolly praised the farmer friends for being able to see the farmers growing and developing day by day.

“You all can be called Caritas farmers. Service to the farmers is a passion, mission, vocation and joy of service for Caritas India. It has a fraternal feeling, and it involves the people in their suffering,” the priest said.

Caritas India has appreciated His Eminence Cardinal Poola Anthony for his love and service to the poor and marginalized. Caritas India appreciates the HASSS initiatives of local fundraising and promotion of volunteers.

“Our main motto is to build capacity, support them financially and promote their service,” said Fr. Anthony Madanu, Director of HASSS.

Father Jolly Puthenpura was honored by Hyderabad Archdiocesan Social Service Society (HASSS) team (Photo supplied)

Vicar General Father Yerruva Balashowry of Hyderabad Archdiocese and Vice Chairman Father Madanu Chinnaiah of HASSS facilitated to honor Father Jolly and Dr. V. R. Haridas of Caritas India for their selfless service to the poor, marginalized and for their great contribution to nation building on behalf of the Catholic Church of India for the last 60 years.

The best farmers were honored and given public recognition in the meetings for their efforts and achievements for being a role model to other farmers in natural and organic farming, in turn promoting healthy life, society and a healthy planet.

The local communities participated joyfully exhibited and performed their cultural and traditional gussadi dance [Gussadi is an ancient kind of indigenous tribal dancing style] in the event, which was followed by the achievements accomplished in the U3 program through a video presentation.

HASSS facilitates the Ujjwala-3 Project (U3) to promote food security via climate-resilient agriculture and livelihoods. This is the first year of the third phase of the initiative, which aims to empower and educate farmers in agriculture, floriculture, and other fields. - By Pujitha Nagalli


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