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Catholic schools in Bangladesh urged to always promote human values

Bishop Gervas Rozario of the Diocese of Rajshahi addresses the gathering of teachers on September 4, 2021. (Photo by Ashim Cruze)

A Catholic bishop in Bangladesh reminded educators to always promote human values during a seminar ahead of the opening of schools this year.

“Educational institutions run by the Catholic Church should give importance to the building of human values,” said Bishop Gervas Rozario of the Diocese of Rajshahi.

He said students should not only acquire knowledge “but will also acquire wisdom along with knowledge.”

The prelate said Church-run schools should build students “as human beings with human values.”

The Diocese of Rajshahi held the “Teachers’ Seminar” September 4 with Bishop Rozario, Suklesh George Costa, director of Caritas in Rajshahi, Father Emmanuel K. Rozario, and Father Dilip S. Costa.

Father Shankar Dominic Gomes, principal of St. Joseph’s School and College, said Church institutions should “work with a more sincere attitude in managing educational activities and running schools.” - Nikhil Gomez / RVA News

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