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Catholic women, nuns speak out to stop violence against women

Catholic women, including nuns inside and outside Myanmar, speak out to stop violence against women in the 16 days campaign.
Karen Women Organization is continuing its 16 Days of Activism with activities in the refugee camps under the Administration of Karen United Nation. (Photo: Karen Women Organization)

Catholic women, including nuns inside and outside Myanmar, speak out to stop violence against women in the 16 days campaign.

Myanmar’s Karen Women expressed their desire that to speak out for violence against women to stop now. Myanmar women want everyone to “have the courage to speak out for justice.”

The campaign initiated by Karen Women Organization (KWO) started from November 25 to December 10, stated a communique issued by KWO on November 25.

KWO organized the campaign in response to United Nations Day to eliminate violence against women on November 25.

The symbol of the campaign is a white ribbon.

“Sexual assaults, rape and domestic violence are the common and serious forms of violence which women are facing,” KWO statement says.

KWO encouraged women to speak out about violence. “It shows that we do not accept it in our community or our homes.”

KWO mentions domestic violence as the most common. According to KWO, domestic violence is systemic, abusive and violent behaviors in intimate relationships having a motive to gain control over the woman.

“Domestic Violence is not the same as what some people might call ‘family violence,’ and it is not the same as ‘child abuse,’ KWO observed.

Domestic violence is a special kind of violence when a husband uses violence and abuse to control his wife. And it is often kept as a secret. Women suffer in silence “quietly behind the walls of the home,” the statement noted.

KWO acknowledges that many women “live in fear of their husbands with domestic violence every day.”

Karen Women in the organization expressed their desire that “We want all forms of violence against women to stop now. And we want everyone to have the courage to speak out for justice.”

Ms. Pauline Shwe, a widow, living in the city of Pathein, shared the adverse effects of violence. Ms. Shwe says that while experiencing abuses from her husband, her family life collapsed, children suffered from mental wounds and kids were afraid to connect with people in the community.

“I condemn violence against women,” Ms. Shwe, who suffered such violence almost every day. She welcomes advocacy to help the helpless women to protect value and dignity.

Ms. Shwe prayers: May the cries of women be heard more and more.”

Reparation Sister Beatrice Maw, working in Italy, thanked those who made the campaign happen.

“In honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved in this precious mission because it is one of the care made by Jesus in his earthly life,” Sister Maw said

Sister Beatrice hopes that “all women may have a future without any form of violence that they can freely handle their lives and give life to the world with their whole being as Mother Mary did in the saving mission.”


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