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Indonesian Catholic school incorporates creative technology, fostering dialogue with secular sciences

Campus building of the Institute of Philosophy and Creative Technology, Ledalero. (Photo source: Facebook IFTK).

The Catholic Institute of Philosophy (STFK) in Ledalero, Flores, Indonesia, has rebranded as the Institute of Philosophy and Creative Technology (IFTK).
The school's name change was sanctioned by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Indonesia via Decree No. 439/E/2022, according to a school press release on its Facebook page on June 22.
According to the statement, the inauguration of IFTK is one of the attempts to enhance the contribution of Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) as the institute's owner to increase the quality of Indonesia's human resources.
The school's identity and character as an educational institution for the candidate of priests are unaffected by the name change, Father Otto Gusti Madung, the school's director told RVA News. 
"The philosophy and theology study programs continue as usual, with most students candidates for the priesthood. Meanwhile, the new campus will house two new academic programs," said Father Madung.
He emphasized that introducing two new study programs will allow philosophy and theology to interact with secular sciences and technology.
"Priest candidates also have the opportunity to interact with students from other secular sciences. Such dialogue will unquestionably enrich one another," he said. 
“From a theological perspective, we believe in an incarnate God, who enters the world with the aim of liberation,” he continued.
"As Christ's followers, prospective priests must enter the world and dialogue with a secular culture to become contextual messengers of God's Word," said Father Madung.
The government of the Republic of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, granted official recognition to STFK in 1969, now it is known as IFTK Ledalero. 
However, the school is older than that, as teaching and learning activities for philosophy and theology date back to 1932.
Throughout its history, as many as 6,324 students, including 21 bishops, 1,962 priests, and 4,383 (69.3 percent) laypeople have graduated from this Catholic educational institution. Over 500 of them are missionaries serving abroad.
IFTK Ledalero is in Flores, one of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. Flores has the largest Christian population, where more than 89.8 percent of the population being Christian. The distance from Flores to Jakarta, the country's capital, is 2,180,5 kilometers. - Kasmir Nema


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Yandri Tolan, Jun 23 2022 - 10:31pm
I really apreciate that the stakeholder initiation to change name STFK to IFTK is the idea creative of powerfull vision and mission.
Proficiat and good luck ..the blessing of God be with u all..🙏🙏