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Indonesian Church Leader and Minister Hadi Tjahjanto sign MOU for land registration

Bishop Antonius Subianto Bunjamin, OSC and Mr. Hadi Tjahjanto at signing MOU (Photo credit:

Indonesian Church Leader Bishop Antonius Subianto Bunyamin OSC, and Minister Hadi Tjahjanto of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) and Head of the National Land Agency (BPN), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on land utilization on January 24.

This MOU is signed for the Implementation of Land Registration, Assistance in the Prevention and Handling of Asset Land Problems, at the Multipurpose Room of the KWI Office, Jalan Cikini, Indonesia.

President of the Indonesian Bishops' Conference, Bishop Antonius described it as a positive sign of a good relationship between the Indonesian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (KWI) and the government.

The bishop who was elected chairman of KWI in November 2022, thanked the ATR Ministry and BPN for inviting KWI to sign this MOU.

"I think this MOU is the generosity of the ATR Ministry to visit its people, where KWI is also part of the people, as well as a partner of the government in advancing the nation," Bishop Antonius said:

This memorandum of understanding was received as a blessing for the Indonesian Church and the Indonesian people.

The Indonesian Church Leader expressed his gratitude to the government for their commitment under President Jokowi's leadership to improve the welfare and benefit of the extraordinary Indonesian nation.

Bishop Antonius praised the ATR/BPN Ministry, specifically the Minister who not only "walks here and there" but "runs here and there" to work.

“It's extraordinary, but it's possible because the Minister has a “heart”. "The heart produces extraordinary energy, and the mind thinks hard so that various problems can be faced," the bishop commented.

The ATR/BNP Minister Mr. Hadi Tjahjanto stated that the signing of the MOU between the ministries of ATR/BPN and KWI is very important because we together have 3 tasks that must be carried out, namely 1. Land registration KWI assets 2. Provide assistance related to KWI asset issues and 3. Provide education and outreach, starting from preparing and implementing KWI asset land registration.

The Minister affirmed, “Our commitment remains firm, namely to carry out certificates for places of worship. I, as Minister, also don't want the President to be sad because many people cannot worship quietly and solemnly."

Mr. Hadi, who came with the Deputy Minister, Mr. Raja Juli Antoni, and ATR/BPN Ministry officials, emphasized that this MOU is part of the commitment to solve land issues for houses of worship so that once registered, there are no further issues and the ministry helps with any issues.

"I, as the Minister, have the obligation to resolve this problem by certifying all the lands for places of worship, including those of the Catholic community, we will carry out everything without exception, without discrimination!" the Minister insisted.

Mr. Hadi reiterated that the Ministry of ATR/BPN must register/certify land in the PTSL-Complete Systematic Land Registration program with the intention of certifying and digitizing all Indonesian land by 2025 to eliminate the land mafia.

The minister expected, "Later on, after we have resolved the issues of land or assets for places of worship, I am sure that there will no longer be the expression 'worship is difficult, worship is difficult'."

The Minister who is a former TNI Commander (the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces), urged all to keep their promise, particularly the Ministry of ATR/BPN, which they applaud but had not yet implemented through on. Fieldwork must be accomplished.

“It is true that we have to work with our hearts and all members, all officials of the ATR/BPN Ministry work with their hearts, we are sincere," Mr. Hadi added.

The bishop expects that this MOU would make it easier for the Catholic Church, KWI, to register or settle land asset concerns as well as to improve communication between KWI and the ATR ministries for the benefit of people and society.

Indonesian Biahops conferece consists of 38 dioceses; 37 diocesan territories and one military diocese.

Regarding the Military Diocese, the Bishop of Bandung explained that the presence of the Military Diocese showed the Vatican's acknowledgment and appreciation for the Indonesian country for the strength and dignity of the Indonesian military.

"We are grateful because in Asia there are only 3 countries that have military dioceses, namely, the Philippines, Korea, and Indonesia," Bishop Antonius added.

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