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No room for superficiality with the Holy Spirit, says Malaysian cardinal

Cardinal Sebastian Francis. (Photo: Screenshot from the Diocese of Penang YouTube Channel)

A Malaysian cardinal emphasized that there is no room for superficiality when embracing the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

“You have to go deep once you receive the Holy Spirit… It is a life-long search [and] education with the Holy Spirit, according to Cardinal Sebastian Francis, the Bishop of Penang.

The cardinal was delivering the homily at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Penang, where he reflected on the theme of the local feast, “Witnessing the Truth by Celebrating Unity in Diversity.”

Cardinal Francis said that those who received the Holy Spirit, who are all baptized Catholics, must never settle for less in their lives.

“Living the fullness of the life we know is the fullness of life in the Holy Spirit, nothing more, nothing less,” he said.

He invited everyone to spend deeper meditation on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, whom he referred to as the teacher of truth and the one beside us all the time.

“[The Holy Spirit] reminds you of everything Jesus said, taught, and did,” he said.

“This mission of the Holy Spirit is for your entire life, until the day you die,” the cardinal also said.

The prelate called on the faithful to take the journey with the Holy Spirit seriously so that He could move them “not backward but forward.”

Cardinal Francis was recently in Rome from May 7 to 16.

The highlight of his trip was the canonical possession of his titular church, the Parish of Holy Mary, Cause of Our Joy, in Rome.

The cardinal also made visitations to the Dicasteries of Integral Human Development, Social Communications, and Evangelization of Peoples.


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