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Training for inter-religious, inter-organizational leaders held in Indonesia

Sister Katarina, a member of Franciscan Sisters of Georgious Martyr (FSGM) with Dan Astuti Rahayu, a woman leader (Photo supplied)

 A Franciscan congregation of nuns in Indonesia organized training for leaders of organizations involved in programs of children-women protection and human trafficking on April 23, 2022.

Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Franciscan Sisters of Georgious Martyr (FSGM) organized inter-religious and inter-organizational training in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung.

Over 30 participants from Catholic Women (WKRI), Indonesian Hindu Dharma Women (WHDI), Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), women leaders, women and children protection institutions, and a network against human trafficking attended the training. 

The theme of the program was 'Digital Narrative as a Means of Prevention of Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence.”

Speaking to the participants, Sister Katarina, FSGM said that the purpose of the activity was to encourage women, especially in Pringsewu Regency they may become more aware and be sensitive to what is happening in the surrounding community.

"As women, we must realize that around us are victims of violence against women and children, as well as human trafficking," the nun said. 

“Women must become agents and be more courageous to prevent human trafficking and violence caused by gender sensitivity in society. Women are invited to bring and promote positive ambiance in society,” she added.

During the training, the speaker invited the participants to campaign to prevent violence against women/children and human trafficking digitally. They are taught to create digital posters, and creatively promote them through social media.

“I feel happy and this is my new experience to learn how to make posters for campaigning to end human trafficking. So far, I have only disseminated it verbally by word of mouth,” explained Astuti Rahayu, one of the participants.

"With this training, campaigning to prevent human trafficking is easier, through social media because it can be read and seen by more people so that it will reach wider audiences," she continued.

Meanwhile, Pringsewu Regency ranks second in Lampung province in sending workers overseas. 

In Indonesia, Lampung Province has been ranked 5th in sending workers abroad.

JPIC SFGM in carrying out its duties has several programs and facilities including a house for victims of human trafficking. It provides training facilities for former victims of human trafficking and former overseas workers. It also organizes seminars and social awareness and also visits victims of violence and human trafficking.

JPIC SFGM regularly holds seminars and social awareness. In this training, JPIC collaborates with the local government and the women and children protection division. 


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