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To whom do you pay homage?

August 8, Monday, 19th Week in Ordinary Time / St. Dominic
Ezekiel 1: 2-5, 24-28 and Matthew 17:22-27

Jesus gave his everything for us all… what can we give to Him in return?

Tax is a pay in exchange for government services. Citizens pay taxes in exchange for something good. It is quite strange that Jesus after predicting his death immediately talked about the temple tax and even commanded Peter to settle it. Is Jesus really concerned about teaching us diligence in paying taxes? How is this related to his messianic mission? 

Jesus predicted his coming death as a fulfillment of a promise announced by the prophets, one of them Ezekiel (1:2-5,24-28). In the first reading, prophet Ezekiel gloriously described his vision of someone who is to come, who is in the likeness of the glory of the Lord. In the gospel, Jesus presented himself as the Son of Man, as Ezekiel has prophesied, who will fulfill everything as promised. 

If taxes are paid by the citizens in exchange for something good then Jesus, by accepting death as payment of our sins, is like paying a tax that is due to us in exchange for our salvation. Jesus paid the price of our redemption for us to have eternal life - the unveiling of the mystery of the Messiah’s oblation and victimhood. This demonstrates the Father’s desire to gather us together under his wings in and through Christ.

If Jesus gave his everything for us all… what can we give Him in return?
We can pay homage to Him by doing our mission. To be bearers and sharers of God’s goodness, generosity and love. 

This is the nature of the church where we belong. At present, there’s an urgency to be witnesses to and living testimonies of what we believe. How are you witnessing to God’s love? Amen. 


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Jane Patangan, Aug 09 2022 - 6:53am
Daily reflections will truly help me with my little and dying faith. I will always be grateful receiving and reading them
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