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Unique Online Bible Reading Marathons Inspire People

A Catholic man settled in Dubai who lost his job due to the Covid-19 situation is the inspiration for a bouquet of online Bible marathons that have been happening in India and elsewhere.

A unique online Bible-Reading Marathon in English over Zoom and YouTube is taking place even as you read this. The Resurrection Church parish of Indiranagar, with the support of the Commission for the Bible of the Bangalore Archdiocese, started the event on Monday, September 27 at 8:45 AM.

The Online Bible Marathon, inaugurated by the Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore, has a team of forty-eight readers going over the 73 books of the Catholic Bible. Every half an hour, the reader changes, and the reading is continuous, uninterrupted until the end of the entire Bible. The event is expected to culminate on October 1.

Archbishop Peter Machado, while inaugurating the online Marathon, said, “People from all walks of life are being connected by the thread of reading the Bible. In that sense, the Bible makes us relatives.”

The archbishop mentioned that some small miracles have been happening in people’s lives and that these Bible-reading marathons have played a huge role in their lives.

The initiative is inspired by the  Preeni and Jose family, who are settled in Dubai. When Jose lost his job due to the Covid-19 situation and he took up reading the Bible. While reading the Bible, he was inspired by the idea to begin a Bible-reading marathon. Soon, he gathered online his family and relatives from around the world and encouraged them to participate in the initiative.

Jose testifies that by the time they completed reading the Bible continuously after six days, they began experiencing miracles in their lives. He received another job offer.  According to an article on a Catholic Website (Indian Catholic Matters), other participants in the marathon have experienced healings, and hurt feelings disappeared, family ties and bonds grew stronger. Motivated by this, the family purchased two Zoom licences and dedicated to the spread of the Word of God. Moreover, the initiative being an online participation, the readers could participate from all across the globe.

The Archdiocese of Bangalore has been conducting these marathons weekly for the past 4-5 months.  A different language is read each week, including Kannada, English, Tamil, Konkani and Malayalam. A  session in the Hindi language is on the cards. In July this year, the Federation of Konkani Catholic Association organised a first-of-its-kind online Bible-reading marathon in Konkani.

- Frank Krishner |  RVA News


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