Easter Message of RVA General Manager

Father Victor Sadaya, CMF, General Manager, Radio Veritas Asia

It is with much joy that I greet one and all Happy Easter. 

It brings us to reflect that the postponement of the Closing Activities for the Celebration of the Golden Jubilee did not take place last year 2020 because of the virulent presence of COVID 19.

But, isn’t it beautiful to see and feel the blessings of the Lord shining upon us as we culminate in Easter? The message is clear that Radio Veritas Asia will have more Easter blessings — the blessings of faith, hope and charity to continue the vision and mission to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to all corners of the earth through digital communication. 

Part of this proclamation is Pope Francis’ message for the 51st World Communications Day: “to encourage everyone to engage in constructive forms of communication that reject prejudice towards others and foster a culture of encounter, helping all of us view the world around us with realist and trust….”

Therefore, inspired by the successes borne out of the lined activities meant for its 50th year undertaken from 1969 to 2021, allow me to acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation the following:

The FABC-OSC Board and the PREIC Board of RVA, the Governing Boards of the different Language Services, the Management Council with the different Language Services for the leadership and guidance all throughout the celebration, and the technical and support teams that served for the success of the activities amidst all adversities.

We thank all Priests and Religious Communities that continue to partner with our activities, benefactors and sponsors, and all our viewers and followers especially in our social media platforms  whose unwavering prayers and support sustain our missionary endeavors.

Indeed, following the spirit of the theme of 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines, we are gifted with so many blessings but  at the same time called to give and share for the good of all.

May we sustain all our aspirations with energy sourced from God and Mary, our Mother in the pursuit of our mission of making a difference “…being the light and life of the world among God’s people and the whole world.” 

And taking certainty from the Lord himself as St. Paul said in Romans 8:28 —  “Everything works together for good and we know that those who love God all things work together for good, for those who called according to his purpose.”

May I now conclude with a closing prayer that will hold us together for many reasons to advance another chapter for Radio Veritas Asia.

We thank you, Lord for the inspiration and guidance You give us in carrying out our mission. And we praise you, for keeping us all together from the beginning up to the conclusion of our 50th year celebration amidst the pandemic and keeping us healthy and sturdy in this trying times. Your protection is all we need …for you are the healer of all healers and the source of strength where all the power has gone. Keep us true and hopeful as we carry out the tasks you have designed for us. And because we believe that we can much more in the next 50 years for Radio Veritas Asia.

Lord, for all that has been—we thank you.
And to all that will—we say YES.

Father Victor Sadaya, CMF
General Manager
Radio Veritas Asia