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Be faithful in prayer

Background Music: Panalangin
    Written by: Mark Anthony Cuevas
    Voiced by: Jimi Wasabe

July 24, Monday of the 16th week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: First reading: Exodus 14:5–18; Gospel: Matthew 12:38–42

During my childhood days, I remember whenever I would make a simple decision, I was very fond of playing mini-mini-mini moo as my way of choosing an option. I remember I would write two or more words on the paper, and I would rhyme the words together while pointing. Whenever my finger stops at the word, I will choose it and believe it’s a better choice because it can be a sign of luck.

In light of today's gospel, it is important to consider why we would base our fate on luck. If we sincerely believe in Jesus Christ, we should base all of our decisions on prayer. As Christians, we believe that in any moment or circumstance that will affect our lives, we should place our trust in God, pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us, and make a decision.

As my faith deepens and I encounter difficult situations, I no longer look for serendipity or a sign in my current life.

We pray that God allows the Holy Spirit to guide our decision-making. God invites us through the gospel to have faith in Jesus Christ and devote our entire existence to Him.


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