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Code of conduct to come closer to God

March 1, Tuesday, 8th Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: 1 Peter 1:10-16, Gospel: Mark 10:28-31

A teacher explained the phrase "code of conduct" for any profession during our high school studies. If I recall correctly, the teacher said a code of conduct is a roadmap or policy that contains principles and standards that all employees or people connected to a company or institution are obligated to follow.

Likewise, in the first reading, we are reminded of a part of the code of conduct for a Christian or a disciple of Christ—be holy or righteous in every aspect of life and living. Its basis is not us, but God, who is sacred.

Everyone needs to conduct themselves properly in the light of God’s precepts, principles, and standards (commandments). In other words, seeking holiness and becoming righteous is everybody’s prerogative and within one’s reach, despite our imperfections and limitations. It is not a privileged position for a few but a common calling for one and all. It is a part of one. It’s calling as a Christian.

In the Gospel, we are reminded to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of faith and Jesus. The act of sacrifice is not imposed or mere obligation, but given or offered freely for the love of Jesus and his mission.

To be holy or righteous is to love Jesus more than anybody or anything else. When someone gives up something for Jesus and his rules, that is part of their sacrifice for him and his laws.


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