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Do we know who Jesus is?

February 16, 2023 Thursday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time
Genesis 9: 1-13; Mark 8:27-33

We know His name is Jesus but do we know who Jesus is? Today’s gospel says that people have different answers when asked who Jesus is.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of today's Gospel, we must look deep within ourselves. Even knowing that Jesus is constantly watching us, we still pretend not to care. Even though we continue to ignore things that will disappoint Jesus, we still commit sins.

We are like the people in the gospel who believed different things about Jesus. Some said He is the prophet, some said He is Elijah and even John the Baptist. They were all wrong indeed. They didn't know Jesus first-hand. One thing is for sure, He is the Messiah who sets us free from our sins.

The lesson from the gospel is simple. We have to know Jesus deep within our hearts. We have to feel His presence around us. We have to believe that He watches us every day. We have to know Him better. Knowing His name is not enough. We have to look deeper into what our hearts are telling us.

To know Him means to suffer a bit, to sacrifice a little. To give to others even if we have only a few. To be of help to the neediest because this is what Jesus wants us to do. Jesus is within each of us. Find happiness by finding Jesus in your hearts.


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