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God calls us to the realities of our lives

July 6, Wednesday, 14th Week in Ordinary Time
Daily readings: Hosea 10:1-3, 7-8, 12 Gospel: Matthew 10:1-7

Being a shepherd requires involving Jesus and the obedient in missionary endeavors.

In today's Gospel, Jesus selects the twelve disciples and sends them forth on a mission.

Jesus selected them as they are. While Jesus was fishing, he called for Peter, a fisherman. When he was collecting taxes, Jesus nicknamed Matthew the Tax Collector. Jesus did not question them before accepting them as disciples. Jesus did not choose them based on their money or intelligence.

Jesus selected them due to their goodness. Jesus did not arbitrarily select them. Jesus said, "Follow me, without forcing them to do so. Jesus granted us the ability to heal the sick and cast out demons.

By mentioning them by name, Jesus demonstrated his regard for them. Jesus taught them by making them holy, in charge, and giving them the power to heal the sick and drive out demons.

So, in the mission, all church ministers must be with Jesus, spend time in his name, and be like Jesus while working with the sheep.

When serving the faithful, we should emulate Jesus, our Good Shepherd. The priest must shepherd the congregation with affection. Pastors must be with Jesus and the community.


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