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God listens to the pleas of His people!

Background Music: Panalangin by Mark Anthony Cuevas
    Voiced by: Shirly Benedictos

March 22, Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent
Daily Readings: Jeremiah 20:10–13; John 10:31–42

Jeremiah carried out his prophetic ministry for about forty long years (625–585 BCE). He warned the people to mend their ways, pointing out the impending exile in Babylon. But the people denounced him. He is hard-pressed between God's insistence on this ministry and people’s refusal to believe in him. This situation leads him to experience a severe crisis in his vocation.

In today's first reading, Jeremiah describes his troubles, but he is aware of God's protection, which is like a dread warrior. He is sure that his enemies will not prevail over him. He is aware that God tests the righteous to check their hearts and minds. He commits himself to his cause.

Jesus Christ is God's Son. It is a reality for a believer, while for the unbelieving Jews, it is utter blasphemy. They are planning to kill him, so they take up stones to stone him. Jesus invites them to see the Father working in Jesus, who is only doing the work of the Father. Jesus works in the name of God to heal, teach, and forgive.

The ministry of Jesus demonstrated amply that the Father is in him and he is in the Father. But the Jews were not in a mood to oblige Jesus. Once Jesus withdraws himself from the limelight, many go in search of him, and many of them also believe in him. They are also grateful to John the Baptist for introducing Jesus to the world. John the Baptist's testimony bears fruit.

Call to Action for Catholic Living: We need not wait for signs and wonders to believe in Jesus. We are the best witnesses to the fact that God exists. What should we do to prove to the world that God is alive?


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