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The identity of Jesus

The body of St. Pio of Pietrelcina | Alexey Gotovskiy/CNA

September 23, Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest
Daily Readings: Eccl 3:1–11 • Ps 144:1b and 2abc, 3–4 • Lk 9:18–22

We too are invited to deepen our understanding of the identity of Jesus.

One can note that Jesus prays before important moments in his ministry, such as when he chose his twelve apostles. Before revealing His true self, Jesus prays to His Father. Here we might assume that he was talking about his mission and he asked the apostles what people thought about him. Peter gave him a bold answer. But the apostles themselves were clear that he was sent by God as the Messiah and Peter was able to say this in true belief.

We know from this gospel that the disciples – Peter in particular – were dumbfounded when they heard Jesus’ words and wanted to reject them in entirety. It was totally against their expectations of the Messiah, apart from the fact that they could not bear to have horrible things to happen to their Master.

Our life of faith is based on the fact that we have made this confession of faith in Jesus. The Lord appreciates very much our act of faith in him, especially when we thank him for the depth of love he has shown through his Passion, Death, and Resurrection. We must pray to God with a heart full of gratitude for what God has done through Jesus.  

We too are invited to deepen our understanding of the identity of Jesus and to recognize the redemptive value of the suffering and death of Jesus. We are also invited to consider the redemptive and healing power of pains, sufferings, disappointments, and failures in our own lives


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