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Jesus, the compassionate divine healer

September 13, Tuesday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time
1 Cor 12:12–14, 27–31a • Ps 100:1b–2, 3, 4, 5 • Lk 7:11–17

“As his followers, we too should be compassionate like Jesus”

In a male-dominated society, a woman is usually dependent on her husband. When a lower-class woman is widowed, she loses her means of support and becomes impoverished and lonely unless she has a son who is old enough to take care of her.

What happens to her if her son also dies? It can be very tragic. She becomes helpless and there is no one she can rely on. A childless widow is considered as one of the poorest of the poor. She is truly a pitiable woman.

This is what Jesus witnessed in today's gospel. He was deeply moved with pity. Because of this he brought her son back to life. This Gospel passage not only shows Jesus' miraculous power. It once again manifests the Lord's motivation for his acts: his mercy and compassion. could feel the pain of the widow's loss of her son. Without even being asked, he acted immediately.

As his followers, we too should be compassionate like Jesus. Even if we do not have the same miraculous power as Jesus has what matters most is that we can be moved with mercy and compassion to do something for those who are in grief and are afflicted. There are many women in our society who find themselves in a similar situation as that of the widow in the gospel who lost her son. Many of them had sons and daughters who are victims of violence and injustice.


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