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The Mission

Background Music: Panalangin by Mark Anthony Cuevas
    Voiced by: Shirly Benedictos

April 6, 2024 Saturday in the Octave of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 4:1-12; John 21:1-14

Peter and John continued their mission. However, they faced trial for preaching and performing miracles in Jesus' name. I warned them to stop their preaching and not to do things in the name of Jesus. But they responded, “Whether it is right in the sight of God for us to obey you rather than God, you are the judges.”. As they cannot find fault in what they are doing, they let them go. People who believe in them continue to glorify the Lord for what He has done to them.

The gospel gives a summary of how many times Jesus appeared to his people. First to Mary Magdalene as she wept in his tomb for she taught they removed his body, to the two disciples along the way, and to the eleven disciples, where he opened their understanding because they did not believe them that he rose from the dead. At this time, Jesus sent them on their mission—to go out to the whole world and preach the gospel.

Every individual has a purpose in life. A mission that needs to be fulfilled while still on this earth. This mission could be a married life, a blessed singleness, or a religious life. Not only those called to religious life are responsible for spreading the gospel of God. It is the responsibility of each individual to spread the good news. How do we spread the Good News? How can we spread the Good News by modeling good values in life, just as Jesus did?

Lord, we know that we have a mission to spread the gospel. Help us and guide us to fulfill this mission. Amen.


Radio Veritas Asia (RVA), a media platform of the Catholic Church, aims to share Christ. RVA started in 1969 as a continental Catholic radio station to serve Asian countries in their respective local language, thus earning the tag “the Voice of Asian Christianity.”  Responding to the emerging context, RVA embraced media platforms to connect with the global Asian audience via its 21 language websites and various social media platforms.