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“This is my Son: my beloved: Listen to him."

February 19, Saturday, 6th  Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: James 3:1-10 & Mark 9:2-13

Mark's narrative of the transfiguration is detailed in this section. According to the account, Jesus traveled with Peter, James, and John to a mountain. Jesus was transformed in front of them on the summit of that mountain. He was dazzling white and glowed with light, and he was speaking with Moses and Elijah.

Peter advises constructing three tents for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. Of course, Jesus declined this offer, knowing Peter was too thrilled to think clearly. Moses and Elijah most definitely did not require tents.

Peter was so ecstatic that he desired to remain on the mountain. Naturally, this was neither practical nor sensible. While his reply was unimportant, it is worth recording and learning from.

What caused the disciples to be so enthused? When something uncommon occurs in our lives, many of us react similarly; often, we too require time to process an unexpected or unusual reality.

However, the essential words in this story are those uttered from the cloud: "This is my Son, my beloved: Listen to him."

Today and every day, this is our call. We must be aware of Jesus' presence in our lives and be on the lookout for His voice. Let us pay close attention to his voice.


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