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The Resurrection of Jesus Transformed His Disciples into Courageous Men

April 16, Holy Saturday
Readings: Gospel Luke 24:1-12

Easter celebrations are about more than adhering to the usual celebration procedures. However, we experience and share what the disciples felt and shared throughout that period, witnessing the resurrected Jesus. We have God's freely offered salvation through the grace of Easter.

In the Gospel reading, Luke tells us how the women found the tomb empty, and two people reminded them of what Jesus had said about his passion, death, and resurrection. This act of remembering led the disciples to agree that Jesus had indeed risen.

No one knows precisely how or when Jesus rose from the dead. Then the question arises as to whether the belief in Jesus Christ arose from the disciples' encounter with the risen Jesus and the empty tomb due to the ascended Jesus. The experience of the disciples' encounter with Jesus is now our common faith. The experience of that encounter changed the whole life force of the disciples, changing their mindset and faith.

What does Easter mean to us? Does the resurrection of Christ make us more enthusiastic and more responsible? Has the light of Christ's resurrection helped change the way we think? Is our baptismal renewal re-energizing and strengthening our faith, allowing us to be more responsible in following Christ? What is the body of Christ that we welcome this Easter to reinforce and strengthen our faith?

We pray that the resurrection of Christ will inspire us with a new spirit so that we, too, can confidently become bold witnesses of Christ whenever and wherever we are.

Happy Easter to you all. Hallelujah


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