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May 4, Thursday, 4th Week of Easter
Daily Readings: 1st Reading – Acts 13:13-25; Gospel: John 13:16-20

The first reading continues to proclaim the good news through the person God has chosen as his disciple. God gives a big responsibility to the disciples, for he truly trusts that they will be the instrument in spreading the good news. While the responsorial psalm is an acknowledgment of the people, praising him for his good deeds,

The gospel for the day is an invitation to believe in Jesus and in the one who sent him, which is God, the Father.

Often, people believe in certain things if there is evidence. We look for evidence as proof to be more convinced. Do we believe in Jesus even though we don't see him? Or do we ask for the signs before believing in Him? If we try to define trust, it is a legal relationship in which the holder of a right gives it to another person or entity, who must keep and use it solely for another's benefit.” As a nurse, our first encounter with the patient is establishing rapport. In establishing the connection, we will be able to get the patient's trust, and once the trust is established, we will get the patient's cooperation.

We can only establish this trust if we have a very good relationship with that person, for trust can only be established if we know the person. In our lives, do we know? How is our relationship with God, as we always totally entrust everything to him?

Lord, strengthen our trust in you, that we may believe in you, and to the one who sent you, AMEN!


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