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As we have been taught, so we must teach

Sr. Deva Priya, at chalkboard, of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes teaches in a school on the Sumanahalli campus in Bengaluru, India. (Thomas Scaria)

April 27, Thursday, 3rd Week of Easter
Acts 8:26-40 John 6:44-51

A great teacher can have an amazing impact on their students’ lives, encouraging them to try new things, opening their minds to new insights, and helping them to discover their place in the world. Take a moment and think about a teacher who helped or inspired you. It may have been someone other than a school teacher. Perhaps, it was a coach or catechist or a trusted adult. What did that person do to help or encourage you? What impact did their influence have on your life?

The first reading today helps us to recognize the good teachers in our lives and, hopefully, to become good teachers ourselves. Like Philip, a good teacher needs to meet students where they are on their journey and then continue that journey alongside them. A good teacher helps students to interpret what they read and learn and then apply that new knowledge to their own life experiences. Finally, a good teacher will help a student acquire new skills and practice this new way of living. As we have been taught, so we must teach.


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