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Welcoming Light into Dark Experiences

December 2, Friday of the 1st Week of Advent
Daily readings: Isaiah 29:17–24 Matthew 9:29-31

Light is a common symbol of the advent season and Christmas. Advent candles, lanterns, Christmas stars, and various light decorations, etc. make Advent and Christmas a season of light—a feast of light. They are pointers to the "Light of the World"—Jesus, our Savior.

The two blind men in the gospel today have a physical affliction of blindness, but they have a clear inner vision of the "Light of the World," Jesus. They could see Jesus as the promised Messiah, the Son of David, because they had faith.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Light of the World, who came to free us from many kinds of darkness and blindness.

Firstly, to remove the "moral blindness" characterized by sinfulness, an attitude of obstinacy toward grace, and a false sense of self-righteousness. It is in this context that Jesus calls the Pharisees and Scribes "you blind guides" (Mt. 23:24).

Second, to get rid of the "intellectual blindness" caused by intellectual pride, in which our hearts don't have room for God because we feel like we can do everything on our own, even without God.  The special blessing granted to the shepherds against the scholars at the palace of Herod to see the newborn child in the manger is the best example that there is a spiritual sight in a humble heart, and there is always a space for God to work miracles in such hearts.

Third, to get rid of the "spiritual blindness" that comes from God's forgetfulness and the life of materialism and consumerism.

Fourth, to get rid of "psychic blindness" by getting rid of feelings of not being able to forgive, depression, and anxiety disorders inside.

Fifthly, to remove "social blindness" caused by injustice and insensitivity towards the needy.

When the light of Christ flashes into the dark corners of human hearts, people will discover their sinfulness and change their hearts! Christmas ultimately means inviting Jesus, the light of the world, into each person’s heart and life. Amen.


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