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Buddhist nun visits a Catholic nun in Jakarta

Lobsang Dekyi, a Buddhist nun (second from left), pays a courtesy call to Sister Linda Mulyati, a Franciscan Missionary of Mary (third from left), along with other Catholic nuns at Regina Pacis School, West Jakarta, Indonesia, on April 18, 2022 (Photo supplied).

A Buddhist nun recently visited a Catholic nun in Jakarta, Indonesia, exchanging their respective lives as 'missionaries.'

"Last April 20, I had the honor to visit FMM (Franciscan Missionary of Mary) Catholic Nunnery in Palmerah, West Jakarta, with the help of my former schoolmate, Anastasia Citra," wrote Lobsang Dekyi, a Buddhist nun, on her social media post.

FMM is a non-profit organization and Catholic religious congregation that manages Regina Pacis School in West Jakarta, where Lobsang attended kindergarten (5 years old) to high school (18 years old).

Lobsang’s late mother chose this school because she believed Regina Pacis would teach Lobsang good education, values, and discipline.

"Regina Pacis" in Latin means ‘Queen of Peace,’ referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

FMM nuns manage three Regina Pacis schools in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bogor, and Surakarta. The Jakarta School was established in 1958.

"I have many fond memories of Regina Pacis Jakarta and developed many great friendships that still last to this day," Lobsang recalled her school days.

Last year (2022), before Lobsang’s formal induction to be a Buddhist nun, she had a phone conversation with the FMM abbess, Sister Linda.

As kind as always, the Catholic nun told Lobsang that the former was very happy that a Pecis alumna chose the path of spirituality and invited a Buddhist nun to visit her alma mater.

"I emphasized to her (Sister Linda) again that I was to be a Buddhist nun and not a Catholic nun," Lobsang said.

Sister Linda replied, saying, "It does not matter, she is still happy that I (Lobsang) chose this path."

"When Lobsang visited FMM last week, Sister Linda treated me like her own child. She prepared me a delicious vegetarian dinner. We had a conversation about various topics like how Catholic and Buddhist nuns live their lives and our daily activities," Lobsang said.

Lobsang showed her many pictures of Kechara Forest Retreat, and Sister Linda rejoiced to hear about the Buddhist nun’s good work.

"I also rejoice in FMM's good work. Before I left, we washed plates together, and Sister Linda taught me how to conserve water when washing our dishes," Lobsang said.

"It was a memorable, pleasant, and meaningful visit. I am grateful for the many kindnesses I received from FMM and Regina Pacis," the Buddhist nun added.

Sister Linda Mulyati, FMM, and Lobsang Dekyi, a Buddhist nun, wash dishes after dinner at Regina Pacis School, West Jakarta (Photo supplied).

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