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From experienced singer to dedicated Christ’s instrument

Ann Teresa Htway Htway Aung as Superior General

Vocation is a mystery. It was only from God, as Jesus said, "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last." Jn (15:16)

A professional singer in Myanmar felt that something was lacking in her life. She asked herself what God wanted her to do. She thought that it was not her vocation to be a successful singer.

What about married life? It could not be because she was not happy to have a boyfriend.

At last, she found what God wanted her to be. God wanted her to serve God and His people as a nun in the Congregation of St. Francis Xavier Sisters (SFX).

She is Mother Ann Teresa Htway Htway Aung, SFX, the Mother General and President of the SFX Sisters in Myanmar.

At the age of 18, she stepped into the singers’ world with the name "Rose Ko Ko." She chose the life of a professional singer and produced four albums—"ice love," "universal love," "Sariya Ne Min," (The Sun), and "The Golden Wings."

She also sang some Catholic hymns and Christmas songs produced by St. Joseph’s Catholic Major Seminary in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar.

Her well-off family supported her in her career and interests because her family was also fond of music and singing.

Although she was doing what she was interested in, she felt something was lacking.

She realized that God must have had a purpose for her. She had prayed a lot for that. After seven years as a professional singer, she joined the convent to be a Catholic nun. 

Ann Teresa Htway Htway Aung, a former professional singer (Photo supplied)

Mother Ann, 57, said. "I simply prayed that I wanted to know and love God more. The reason for choosing this religious life is the hope that only the Risen Jesus can give me a permanent and peaceful life in this world."

She responded to God’s call to be a Xaverian Sister at the age of 25.

"When I decided to choose this religious life, I wanted to know that God's love is greater than the love of this great family I experienced at home and the love of a noble marriage," Mother Ann recalled.

She renounced her career as a singer and embraced a life of service to all, especially to the poor.

"I could reflect on myself and the peace, happiness, and freedom that I felt in my heart, which is incomparable to any other way of life," she said.

Although she was a girl from a well-off family in Yangon, she was simple, humble, joyful, and loved to relate with others.

Through her love, concern, and compassion, Mother Ann committed her life to God, the Church, and the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis Xavier as a Spiritual Mother.

She recalled, "In my life as a nun, I had to learn hard because of my personality. Because of God's grace, I was able to observe the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, as well as those of the Rule of Life. My effort is only 1%, and God’s grace is 99% to be able to live my vocation."

She was elected to be Mother General and President of the Sisters of St. Francis Xavier Congregation on March 31.

She has not only become a devout religious but has also been chosen by God to lead the entire congregation, which has 452 nuns and 111 communities in Myanmar and abroad.

She is a model and a charismatic leader for the congregation.

According to Sister Roselyn Thwin, 35, said, "Mother Ann is an approachable superior who is humble, kind, and compassionate."

Members of the SFX congregation serve the church in Myanmar, the United States, Italy, the Philippines, and Thailand.

They work in the apostolic ministries in 13 archdioceses and dioceses in Myanmar.

Bishop Alexander Cardot, a French missionary, founded the congregation in 1897 in Myanmar, a country formerly known as Burma. - Mary Ann Su Latt Htwe 


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