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Xavierian nuns educate rural girls for over 25 years in Myanmar

Boarding girls at Putao during the 25 years of service of Sisters of St. Francis Xavier in 2021 (Photo supplied)

The Catholic nuns’ service in Putao, the northernmost town of Kachin State, Myanmar, has been phenomenal for people in the region with education and social development.    

For over 25 years, the Sisters of St. Francis Xavier (SFX) community in Putao served the girls from rural villages that had difficulties attending schools.

The community had helped 310 female students from rural places attend schools since 1996.

Now, they have 18 boarding girls who are middle and high school students. They are studying at a government school. 

The SFX nuns also teach English, the Kachin tribal language, Chinese, and a tailoring course.

The SFX convent in Putao produced many nuns, teachers, nurses, government officers, scholars, and business owners. 

It was established with the agreement between the late Archbishop Paul Zinghtung Grawng (then Bishop of Myitkyina Diocese) and Parish Priest Fr Peter Nkhum Zaw Tang of Putao. (Photo supplied)

The community has two daycare centers for children regardless of religion. The daycare centers helped the children to become educated people from the alumni of the daycare centers.

The SFX community marked its 25th year of existence in Putao, Myanmar, on December 29, 2021.

The establishment of the Putao community aimed to help the young girls from far-flung rural villages that had difficulties studying at schools in Putao.

The community in Putao was established with the agreement between the late Archbishop Paul Zinghtung Grawng (then Bishop of Myitkyina Diocese) together with parish priest Father Peter Nkhum Zaw Tang of Putao, and Mother General Assumpta, SFX, together with Sister John Mary, Sister In-charge for Kachin State, on July 1, 1996, in Putao.

The SFX community served more than 25 years with the motto of "One with the Church."

Sister Yuta Glare, Sister Reggie Francy, and Sister Floretta Win Mar were the pioneers who served in this community on June 24, 1996.

As many as 39 SFX Sisters have served in this community since 1996.

Sister Mary Jangma Doi Ling, Sister Mary Roi Khaung, Sister Teresa Nan San, and Sister Paulina Bauk Lai are serving in 2022.

The Sisters of St. Francis Xavier, SFX, community in Putao, 25th Year Jubilee (Photo supplied)

The St. Ann's Association (for mothers), Parish Youth, and the Parish Holy Childhood Association are among the organizations where the nuns volunteer. 

Bishop Alexander Cardot, a French missionary, founded the Congregation of Sisters of St. Francis Xavier in 1897. At present, there are 454 finally professed sisters and 60 with temporary vows. About 50 young girls are preparing to join the congregation.

The congregation has 118 communities in Myanmar, in the mission areas of the Philippines, Italy, and Thailand. They serve in 13 archdioceses and dioceses throughout Myanmar.

The vision of the Congregation of SFX Sisters is "Being Poor in the Spirit of Serving the Neediest."

With the help of God, the SFX Sisters are serving the Church and the neediest amidst the various challenges and difficulties. - Gregory Mung Myit Yaw 


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