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International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

World Drug Day, also called the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, is held every year on June 26 to encourage people to take action and work together to make the world a place where people don't use drugs.

Each one of us is encouraged to help raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs pose to society.

This annual event is supported by people, communities, and organizations worldwide. Its goal is to make people aware of how big of a problem illegal drugs are for society.

This year's theme is "Addressing the Drug Challenges in Health and Humanitarian Crises," which means that the UNODC will be working on existing and new international drug problems caused by crises.

Children and teens are most at risk when there are pandemics, wars, food shortages, energy shortages, or problems with the supply chain.

In a document released by the UN in 2003, the World Youth Report states that drug use has become a big part of the lives of child soldiers in Africa. It keeps them awake and protects them from physical and emotional pain.

According to the 2021 World Drug Report, young people have underestimated the dangers of prolonged cannabis use.

In most countries, organized crime groups take advantage of the situation by making money off of illegal drugs, from making them to selling them. People out of work and struggling financially are forced to work as drug couriers for these organizations.

But this observance is not only for the well-being of the children and the vulnerable. The fight against drug abuse includes people with drug use disorders and people who need medications that are hard to get.

But what can regular citizens do to combat drug usage and trafficking? Communities can get reliable drug information from the UNODC and share this information.

Netizens can also do their part online by visiting and sharing the 2022 World Drug Day Campaign through their social media resources and Twitter and Facebook channels.

The UNODC puts out the World Drug Report every year. It collects essential facts and statistics from official sources, a scientific approach, and research.

By passing resolution 42/112 on December 7, 1987, the General Assembly made June 26 the International Day against Drug Addiction and Illicit Trafficking. This was to show that it was committed to doing more and working with other countries to achieve the goal of a world without drug abuse.


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