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World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 of every year.

Various health issues associated with heart illness will be brought to people's attention through this campaign.

Because of this day, people are encouraged to change their lifestyles to prevent heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, or any other condition associated with cardiovascular diseases.

The theme of World Heart Day 2022 is "cardiovascular health for all."

There are more than 17 million deaths related to heart disease every year. The number is higher than the number of deaths caused by HIV, malaria, and cancer combined.

There are events all over the world to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD)—its warning signs, how to combat it, and how to help those around you.

Antoni Bayés de Luna, president of the World Heart Federation from 1997 to 1999, conceived the annual event, which began on September 24, 2000, and ran until 2011.

Coronary heart disease or strokes are the most common causes of death from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) worldwide.
It is commonly believed that CVD has a greater impact in developed countries because their lifestyles are more sedentary and reliant on technology.

Most cardiovascular deaths, however, occur in middle-income and low-income countries, and the main causes are modifiable, such as lack of exercise, smoking, and poor dietary habits.

Additionally, cardiovascular diseases negatively impact the economic systems of countries— they are expensive to treat, and a failure to treat them immediately results in loss of productivity and long work absences.

World Heart Day is celebrated in more than 90 countries every year, which makes it an effective way to disseminate information about cardiovascular disease.

For developing countries that are heavily impacted by these diseases, governments and organizations play a crucial role, which is vital.

It is an international event sponsored by the World Heart Federation. Information and discussions regarding cardiovascular diseases are discussed on forums, television talk shows, podcasts, and posters.

To encourage people to be more active and aware of their health, walks, and fund-raisers, free health screenings, concerts, sporting events, and other activities are held.

There are three ways to observe World Heart Day. They are:  

  1. It can't get much easier than that! You may even be able to find an event near you that offers a health check as part of World Heart Day!
  2. You can decrease your risk of heart disease by maintaining a healthy weight and a low body mass index (BMI). Make being active a priority by participating in gym or fitness classes, or by taking part in a World Heart Day event.
  3. Setting up a CPR class and learning how to resuscitate a person could save lives since most cardiac emergencies occur near someone who might be able to help. World Heart Day is also a great time to plan cooking demonstrations, health lectures, and fitness sessions.

There are three different ways of using them to celebrate World Heard Day.

  1. Despite over 75% of CVD deaths occurring in low-to-middle-income countries, access to treatment and support varies widely around the world. Taking part in global events such as World Heart Day and local events gives us a platform to spread awareness and make a difference in the lives of everyone.
  2. Every year, 7 million people die from CVD because of air pollution, accounting for 25% of all CVD deaths. It doesn't matter if it's an immediate action like walking or cycling instead of driving, or a longer-term effort like supporting clean air legislation, each of us can make a difference in our own way.
  3. A heart attack can be aggravated by psychological stress. Stress can be reduced through exercise, meditation, and getting enough quality sleep. By resisting harmful coping mechanisms and bad habits induced by stress, we can maximize our individual heart health.

Heart disease (CVD) awareness events are taking place all around the world – including the warning signs and steps you can take to fight it, as well as how to help those who may be suffering. Take part in World Heart Day events near you on September 29 to fight CVD.


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