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Saint Joseph, Provider and Protector

In the heart of Las Piñas City, located south of Metro Manila, Philippines, and situated within the Diocese of Parañaque, lies the renowned Bamboo Organ Church, officially known as the Diocesan Shrine and Parish of St. Joseph. The faithful here deeply trace their devotion to Saint Joseph, shaping their lives with profound faith.

“For the devotees of Saint Joseph in Las Piñas, he is more than just a saint; he is a father figure who provides for their needs and protects them from life's uncertainties,” said Msgr. Roberto “Bobby” A. Olaguer, the Rector and Parish Priest of the Diocesan Shrine and Parish.

According to the priest, the locals of Las Piñas have embraced Saint Joseph as the father of their town since the 1700s. They even have a special affectionate nickname for him,  “Tata Josep,” which translates to Father Joseph. 

Since Tata Josep was placed in Las Piñas, the folks believed him to be the protector of Las Piñas, said Msgr. Bobby in a personal interview. 

Many attribute their jobs, homes, and shelter to him. They believe that he is a steadfast protector, shielding them from calamities like earthquakes and typhoons through his powerful intercession.

Msgr. Bobby added that “back then, the people saw him as a protector and provider because it was like they didn't have their home, but little by little, when they prayed to St. Joseph, they were able to acquire and build a house and a lot.”

"It used to be just tools—saws and hammers—that they used at home," he added. "They now bring their sidecars and tricycles because that is what they do to make a living."

Every May 1, the Bamboo Organ Church celebrates Saint Joseph the Worker, a significant tradition. Every year, the Bamboo Organ Church organizes festive performances and street celebrations to express gratitude to the Lord and Saint Joseph. Las Piñas recognized him as the foster father of Jesus and a guardian of families and workers. It firmly shows the community's deep-seated trust in Saint Joseph's paternal care and divine assistance.

Msgr. Bobby reminded the devotees that “our devotion to St. Joseph must not stop at St. Joseph. This devotion to St. Joseph should continue to Jesus through Mary, because they are the holy family.”

On December 8, 2020, Pope Francis declared the "Year of St. Joseph" to commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph's proclamation as the Patron of the Universal Church. This declaration emphasized Saint Joseph's essential role in the lives of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, highlighting his virtues of humility, obedience, and silent strength.

Saint Joseph's significance transcends his role as a foster father; he exemplifies the virtues of a devoted and protective steward of the Holy Family.

The devotion to Saint Joseph in Las Piñas highlights the importance of continuing this devotion through Mary to Jesus. Saint Joseph, the defender of the Holy Family, teaches us about the sanctity of family life and the importance of trust in divine providence.

Despite his silence in the scriptures, Saint Joseph's actions speak loudly about his faith and obedience. All the more, Msgr. Bobby encourages the faithful to have a personal relationship with Saint Joseph because “he was the first to utter the name of Jesus and the first to gaze upon the face of the newborn Savior. When we have a close and personal devotion to Mary and Joseph, they will help us get closer to their son Jesus, forming a spiritual bond within the Holy Family.”

The devotion of Filipinos to Saint Joseph at the Bamboo Organ Church exemplifies a profound relationship rooted in faith, trust, and familial love. Saint Joseph continues to inspire countless souls to embrace humility, obedience, and unwavering faith in God's providence, mirroring his virtues in their daily lives.

As the Filipinos continue to pay devotions to Saint Joseph, Msgr. Bobby prays dearly that Saint Joseph will deepen and inspire many to emulate his virtues of trust, humility, and loving service in the spirit of the Holy Family.


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