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Semi Christmas was celebrated by RVA and Amruthavani at Jeevodaya Home for Children on 18th December 2020.

“NOT ALL OF US CAN DO GREAT THINGS BUT SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE” was the motto of Radio Veritas Asia Telugu Service to celebrate Semi Christmas at Jeevodaya Home for children.

The staff of RVA Telugu Service has been to this orphanage on 18/12/2020 to celebrate the Christmas joy with the children who don’t have their own.

This Home was run by Ms. Nirmala, in coordination with SHEEP NGO.

“I can do all this service through him who gives me strength” were the words spoken by Ms. Nirmala a mother of 30+ orphan children.

“Home for Children was well kept and kids feel at home. The director takes every effort possible towards secure education and amp; future of children. We found very talented children with utmost discipline and Good Morals,” said Fr Pappula Sudhakar, Coordinator of RVA Telugu Service.

He added, “We all grateful and promise our prayers to all the benefactors for their kind support to the children in need.”

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