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A simple village girl shines during pandemic

Ashima Kayal demonstrates to villagers the proper way of washing hands.

The new coronavirus disease has gripped the world into a pandemic.

In India’s West Bengal state, a young girl from the South Raypur village of Pathar Pratima Block, rose to the occasion during the situation.

Ashima Kayal is an ordinary village girl who is not very much financially well-off. There is one special thing, however, that she has: a heart to help people. 

Ashima has an exceptional, unstoppable, and dedicated heart. During the pandemic, she lent a hand to help her village and the villagers. 

In her work, she got the support of seven other girls and three boys. 

As soon as the news of the spread of the coronavirus disease, Ashima and her team started discussing what they could do to help the villagers. 

It was then that she decided with the others to prepare sanitizers, pamphlets about proper hygiene, the use of facial masks, and social distancing.

They all contributed money and started production of 100 ml. bottles of sanitizers in their homes to distribute for free to the poor and needy.

They set out to the villages of Pathar Pratima Block to warn the people about the disease. They also held demonstrations on the proper way to wash hands.

To carry out their work, Ashima and her team have to take the risk, but their dedication is very much commendable. 

God knows how many lives they have already saved by their work. 

We salute Ashima and her team for their noble work toward the poor and the needy during this pandemic. - Atanu Das, RVA - Bengali Service


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Kamrul Alam, Jun 13 2020 - 4:26pm
Really appreciate them specially for Ashima Kayal who were tirelessly working against COVID 19 with her youth girls group and senios. From my desk i.e. Disaster Management , Indian Red Cross Society, West Bengal State Branch congratulations to them. May almighty Allah bless you all. Regards
Kamrul Alam
Disaster Management Supervisor I
RCS WBSB- Kolkata
Marlène Iradukunda, Jun 13 2020 - 6:46pm
Congratulation Ashima and the team .
You are inspiring the world 👏