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The Cost of Discipleship

September 4, Sunday,23rd Week in Ordinary Time
Daily readings: Wisdom of Solomon 9:13-18, Philemon 9-10,12-17, Luke 14:25-33

“Whoever does not follow Me, carrying his cross, cannot be My disciple”.
The book of Wisdom extolls the inscrutable wisdom and ways of God. Paul sends Onesimus to Philemon, asking the latter to be generous, kind, and brotherly to Onesimus. Jesus speaks of the non-negotiability of giving ‘priority to God’ in following him.

Jesus observes that it will be foolhardy to venture into any business, construction, or war without a realistic assessment of one’s resources. However, when it comes to spiritual edifice or combat, the truth is that we never have enough personal resources to succeed. Great will be our fall if we do not have the humility to acknowledge it from the very start.

So, we must embrace a plan which should ideally be plan A: acknowledge our inability, and beg resources from God Himself; or rather, beg God to take over from the very beginning and join whatever resources God has provided us. Even the task of loving God above and beyond everyone and everything can be realized only by God's grace. In the end, if we all boast, we can only boast of God’s works in us.

In everything we do, do we run to God to seek refuge? How much can we let go and ask God to help us grow in freedom, to be ready to follow, and serve in new ways?


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