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Pope Francis: Conflicts cannot be resolved through the 'childish logic of weapons'

Image of the war in Ukraine

Pope Francis on Wednesday again raised his voice against the “childish logic of weapons” and appealed for dialogue to stop the insanity of war, not only in Ukraine but also in Syria, Yemen, and Myanmar.

“I think of the insane war - insane! - of which tormented Ukraine is a victim, and of so many other conflicts, which will never be resolved through the childish logic of weapons, but only through the mild force of dialogue.”

Speaking during his catechesis at the weekly General Audience, the Pope invited all men and women of goodwill to think of “tormented Ukraine,” as well as all the “wars that have been going on for years.”

“Let us think of Syria - more than 10 years!, let us think of the children in Yemen, let us think of Myanmar: everywhere!”

“What do wars do?” he continued, “They destroy, they destroy humanity, they destroy everything. Conflicts should not be solved through war.

Request for prayers for Ukraine

Again, during his greeting to Italian pilgrims at the Audience, the Pope renewed his invitation to pray for “tormented Ukraine”.

“Let us ask the Lord for peace for the people who are so afflicted and who suffer so much cruelty, so much cruelty at the hands of mercenaries who wage war.”

Call for fraternity and the protection of life

In a third reference, Pope Francis reminded Polish pilgrims present in St. Peter’s Square to remember the Ukrainians, when Poland celebrates the anniversary of its independence in a couple of days.

“May this significant anniversary inspire in everyone gratitude to God,” he concluded, “and a renewed commitment to fraternity, the protection of life, and the dignity of the human person in your country and in the international arena, especially in neighbouring Ukraine. - Vatican News


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