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The righteous and upright will find happiness, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis speaks about the virtue of justice during his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican April 3, 2024. (CNS photo/Pablo Esparza)

The righteous and upright will find happiness, says Pope Francis during his weekly General Audience on Wednesday at St. Peter's Square.

"Without justice, there is no peace," he said and noted that being righteous leads toward God. 

He said justice is “the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will given to them due to God and neighbour. A world without laws respecting rights would be a world in which it is impossible to live; it would resemble a jungle."

 "Without justice, the law of the prevalence of the strong over the weak is entrenched. The righteous person is upright, simple and straightforward, does not wear masks and speaks the truth," said the Holy Father.

He described a “righteous person to be grateful, realizing that we were loved first by God, and are not worthy, and therefore, inspired by ‘feeling indebted,’ shows love to his or her neighbour.”

“If he makes a mistake, he apologizes. In some situations, he goes so far as to sacrifice a personal good to make it available to the community.  He loves responsibility and is exemplary in promoting legality."

Pope Francis said justice is "the antidote to corruption, thus, it is important to educate people, especially the young, in the culture of legality.”

He said the righteous person "shuns harmful behaviour such as slander, perjury, fraud, usury, mockery, and dishonesty," and "keeps his word." - MTV


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