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Indian nun in Ukraine to get ‘Woman of Courage Award’

A humanitarian trust has announced to honour an Indian nun working in war-torn Ukraine with the “Woman of Courage Award.”
Sister Ligi Payyappilly in Ukraine. (Photo: Supplied)

A humanitarian trust has announced to honour an Indian nun working in war-torn Ukraine with the “Woman of Courage Award.”

On the occasion of International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8, the Distress Management Collective (DMC) decided to confer the award on an Indian Sister, Ligi Payyappilly, the 48-year-old superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Saint-Marc in Mukachevo, Ukraine.

The nun’s convent is in Mukachevo in western Ukraine, some 480 miles southwest of the national capital of Kyiv.

Together with the other 17 nuns of her congregation, Payyappilly provides shelter and food to the anxious students, enabling them to cross the Ukrainian border to escape to countries including Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

When DMC decided to honor a woman on Women's Day, Trustees wanted to find the right one. That investigation selected Payyappilly, said a communiqué from DMC.

The social activist nun and her team also care for children, the elderly, and others providing shelter and food and helping them flee Ukraine.

She has been working for the last 20 years in Ukraine. One of her ministries is to preach retreats for people. The nuns take care of refugees in their convent as well.

Payyappilly is at the forefront of yeomen service. She is “a brave and courageous woman,” describes DMC.

The nun truly deserves “the DMC Women of Courage Award,” the press statement said.

DMC, a humanitarian trust based in India, is saving and changing lives for the better through acts of collective kindness.

It came to be as a WhatsApp group in February 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, to provide humanitarian assistance to COVID-19 affected people.

In July 2020, DMC became a fully-fledged "Trust," including four esteemed patrons, nine distinguished trustees, and over 250 international members.

Since the trust formation, DMC has assisted more than 10,000 people in delivering food, financial, education, and social justice assistance.

With overwhelming need, response, and support from global members and partners, DMC hopes to perpetuate the collective act of kindness as long as the need exists and response channels are feasible.

DMC is funded entirely by voluntary donations and welcomes donor partnerships for humanitarian and social causes.


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