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Peru’s Bishops reiterate, 'violence is not the solution'

Protesters take over the Pan-american highway in the Northern Cone of Arequipa (AFP or licensors/Vatican News)

The Bishops of Peru stressed, in a statement published on December 12 on the recent deadly protest, that “violence is not the solution.”

“Violence is not the solution to crisis or differences. No more violence, no more deaths! Peru must be our priority!” the bishops reiterated.

Citing the Peruvian authorities, the New York Times reported that at least six people died, and most of them were young protesters. Over 100 police officers were injured.

Amid anti-government protests, the Catholic Bishops of Peru appealed to solve the unrest peacefully and not with violence.

On Monday, angry protesters in Arequipa, Peru's second-largest city, stopped highways and sacked the international airport in response to the impeachment and detention of former president Pedro Castillo.

The prelates appealed for “an urgent invocation to build bridges of dialogue, calling for serenity to all our compatriots who carry out protests in various parts of the country, whose demands, when just, must be heard, but that they exercise their right without violence.”

The bishops expressed their deep condolences for those who died during the conflict between the protesters and the Forces of Order.

The Church leaders in Peru requested the Forces of Order, especially the National Police of Peru, to act within the framework of the Law, ensuring the integrity of persons.

The bishops appealed, “to the political class, especially the Executive Branch and the Congressmen of the Republic, to be concerned about the institutionality, democratic order, due process, and the common good of all Peruvians, especially the most unprotected.”

The prelates urged all the institutions of Peru to ensure the stability of the country because they could not afford to misgovern their country.

“Our beloved country must not continue in anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. We need sincere dialogue, calm the spirits to protect our weak democracy, preserve the institutionality and maintain the fraternity of our people,” the statement read.

The bishops entrusted the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of all the Americas, to guide them toward justice and peace.

On Wednesday, the government of Peru declared a 30-day state of emergency for the whole country. - With inputs from Vatican News


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